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In-Patient Rehabilitation Advanced facilities for knee replacement recovery

After knee replacement surgeryknee replacement surgery, patients who require more intensive therapy may opt to stay at an in-patient rehabilitation facility. With this option, the patient will sleep at the facility and have supervised therapy every day with access to more advanced equipment than can be found at home.

in patient rehabilitation facility after knee replacement

in patient rehabilitation facility after knee replacement

The amount of time a patient stays in this type of rehabilitation is very variable and depends on how quickly the patient can become independent with walking. This option is particularly appealing for patients who do not have a robust family support system that can assist during this crucial time of recovery.

Studies have found that initiating in-patient rehabilitation early (3 days) after surgery helps the patient achieve faster attainment of short-term functional milestones. In-patient rehabilitation allows the patient a more rapid emphasis on physical independence and a comprehensive assessment of functional problems.

In-patient rehabilitation will prepare the patient for the challenges of returning home after knee replacement surgery. These challenges include getting in and out of bed, getting off of a toilette seat, walking up stairs, and learning to effectively walk with a cane or walkerlearning to effectively walk with a cane or walker.

When looking for an in-patient rehabilitation facility, remember that many times they are part of a SNF (skilled nursing facility). You can research many important details about your localin-Patient Rehabilitation in-Patient Rehabilitation facilities in the Contacts section of My Knee Guide. Find health inspection and nursing staff ratings, number of residents, how many therapy hours are dedicated to the residents, and more.

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In-Patient Rehab After Knee Replacement