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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Complete resource for patients considering knee replacement surgery

  • I am extremely impressed with how this app personalizes the experience of knee replacement surgery to the patient.

  • The app has creative stories of real-world patients and their experiences of undergoing total knee arthroplasty.

  • Personally my favorite part of the app is “my surgery guide” which informs patients day by day exactly what to expect before and after their surgery.

  • This is an app I plan to use with my patients to help them learn more about total knee replacement.

This is one of the best orthopaedic apps I have seen

  • This app is very unique and paves the way for similar apps serving as educational and planning resources for other types of surgery.

  • Hopefully, this app will be an inspiration for using mobile technology to educate and engage patients in other medical treatments.

  • The My Knee Guide App is a phenomenal app and is a great resource for patients considering total knee arthroplasty that may not be familiar with the procedure. 

  • If the images and artwork were not impressive enough, the app is also enhanced with professionally made videos. The image quality and audio is very clear on a mobile device. 

Clearly a very professionally and expertly developed app

  • Contains a very impressive amount of specialized information.

  • With a wealth of educational material, personal knee replacement stories, and a base of contacts, My Knee Guide contains everything you could possibly, well, kneed!

  • If you’re currently trying to decide whether or not knee surgery is the right course of action for you, I’d definitely recommend reading through some of the material on here.

  • My Knee Guide is a truly invaluable resource so I really would urge you to take a look at some of the great content contained within.