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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Pre-op Questions What to ask your surgeon before surgery

Below is a checklist of questions to ask your surgeon before surgery. As you answer each question, a checkmark will appear

During my hospitalization, are there other members of the surgical team who will see me?

What medicine is used after surgery to lower the risk of a blood clot (DVT prophylaxis)?

Who provides my home equipment such as walker, elevated toilette seat?

Which implant company is being used?

After I leave the hospital do you recommend home or in-patient rehabilitation?

Has medical clearance obtained from my primary MD?


Has medical clearance obtained from my cardiologist?


Are there any concerns about the pre-operative test results?

What type of anesthesia does the surgeon recommend?

Will a drain be placed in my knee at the time of surgery?


Is pre-donation of blood recommended?


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