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My Knee Guide® is an interactive and comprehensive resource for patients considering and undergoing knee replacement surgery. All the medical content found has been created by Dr. Brian Hatten, a full time practicing, board certified orthopedic surgeon.

My Knee Guide was build from the ground up always asking “How can we help patients during their journey through knee replacement.” Utilizing the unique perspective of an orthopaedic surgeon, My Knee Guide can better educate, organize, and simplify this experience.

The user can access all of our services either on the My Knee Guide iPhone app or on the internet at Whether at home or on the go, your knee replacement guide is always with you. There is never any fee for unlimited use of My Knee Guide.

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My Knee Guide provides the user an unprecedented ability to customize their experience of knee replacement surgery. Simply by providing My Knee Guide a couple of key dates, a personalized and customizable list of events is created. The timeline utilizes push notifications or email alerts to present the user with timely safety notifications, education, surgery specific reminders, and interactive checklists. This technology allows the user to receive all this information when they need it during the course of preparing for surgery all the way through their recovery. Utilizing Smartphone technology, this timeline can be synced with the internal iPhone calendar.

My Knee Guide goes well beyond a typical physician locator. We help the user find all the resources needed during knee replacement. This includes hospitals, in-patient rehabilitation facilities, home health care services, medical suppliers and more. We then present surveys, ratings, and safety information about these facilities to help the user compare these resources and receive the best care. We have done this by reviewing thousands of datasets provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. My Knee Guide has then selected the most relevant and important information available for knee replacement patients.

My Knee Guide also organizes all of these resources in one central place. The user can customize their contacts section with their own knee replacement contacts knowing that their information is secure and confidential. The My Knee Guide contacts section will also sync with the users iPhone.

The learning center provides educational tools and references for both non-operative and operative treatment options. By utilizing conversational style text, pictures, and videos, the user can get a broader understanding of the nature of knee arthritis and how an orthopaedic surgeon can help treat it. The learning center has been created with an emphasis on evidence based medicine, and real world experience. Additionally, the x-ray vision module presents a unique way to visualize real patient examples of knee arthritis and replacements.

The Stories section of My Knee Guide shares real experiences of other users who are managing the difficulty of knee arthritis. It also presents the stories of their recovery and return to life. By posting your own story, you can empower other individuals who are going through this process just like you.

My Knee Guide strives to give the user the most complete resource for knee replacement surgery. We understand that improvements can always be made and your feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated and encouraged. Please contact us at