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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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12 weeks post right total knee. They said I was doing wonderful with full flexion and walking totally normally without any assistance after 2 weeks. The Pt guy was blown away at how well I could do 3 weeks later and I was done with that. Exercised and stayed very active at home, still ice once a day and and take only tramadol 25 mg and cbd oil for pain. I cannot take nsaids. My problem is pain above kneecap{able to keep my own} is bad on stairs. Pain getting up and down steps. This is no different than before surgery, which is why I had it. Post op xray looked perfect. Not complaining about the surgeon or problem with way it was done. I was still working and could always walk without difficulty. Still cannot have my knee bent for longer than a 5 minutes and have to straighten it for the discomfort.I also had this problem before surgery. These 2 things are are the reason I had it, and now no better than before, except a sore knee all the time. Was told I was bone on bone so had it done was I was strong and healthy. 3 months later and worse than ever. See NP today. Have never seen Dr. since, I suppose cause I'm doing "so well" . We'll see what she says today. Are steps a problems for everyone? Live a trilevel and not leaving.Thanks.
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