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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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My New Knee #1

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In less then a year I have had two total hip replacements and now a knee replacement. I would take 5 hip replacements with all the rules then willingly have my next knee replacement. I am calling this one knew #1.
Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since total knee replacement. I can only bend my knee at 90 degrees and that is only with much work by my Physical Therapist and the pain is awful. Like many of you the pain at night is unbearable and other nights not as bad. As I try to walk I have pains shooting through my knee, sometimes I feel like I am going to fall to the floor due to the pain. I am not happy to see all of you who are in so much pain. My sister in law had this done and for her it was a piece of cake, but sadly not for me. I will continue to try to go forward no matter how frustrating or much I wish I never had this done mainly because I have no choice and we all can do it, we have too. i wish you all the best healing possible.
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