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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Backwards/non progress
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I'll be 3 weeks out effective tomorrow. I'm really sore frustrated right now. I pushed to go home the same day and I did. I had the staples out last Wed at the 2 week mark and was doing fairly well. Until this past Saturday. I did alot of PT that day and started to feel alot of pain that night.

Sunday was Father's day and I wanted to see my dad and my sister (my sister had the same surgery 12 days after me) so my husband drove us down, about a 50 min drive one way. I sat in the back with leg propped and ice. Since Monday morning, the pain has been the worst since surgery.

I feel like I have lost range in both bending and straightening the leg. Even walking is worse and I got no sleep at all last night due to severe pain. Please tell me I'm not the only one to experience it getting worse after having some improvement. The pain is really intense and PT is on the way, I'm not even sure I can do it today. The leg is so tight and feels inflamed/swollen more than usual.

So upset.
Hang in there! 3 weeks is very early. I am 6 weeks out in 3 days and what I have found is it is NOT linear orogress! More like a roller coaster with good days and sometimes massive pain for
No reason. BUT I am improving every day even if some days I feel like my pain is low and then that night ut will flare.Only just started to put together consecutive days with low pain. I do my PT every day and try not to be too bored or depressed.
Oh and take your Meds! Not sleeping is the worst.
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