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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Revision surgery

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Had tkr nov 24 a few weeks later developed a blood clot then an infection had to open me back up and clean it out . Wasn’t able to bend for 2 weeks after revision now it’s almost a month later my knee is so stiff no matter how many times I stretch it goes right back . As of now like so many others I’m so depressed I feel like I’m never going to get better it’s so frustrating and I’m sorry I did it. I’m waiting for the day I’m going to wake up pain free, I try not to take pain meds as I am in recovery but I couldn’t take the pain any more and gave in. I have a pt 3x a week but it’s brutal . I didn’t realize it’s such a slow recovery. Anyone have any advice who’s been in my spot before ? Thanks and good luck to all
Hi Sheryl, I feel your pain I too just had my revision surgery, 12/28/20. It hurts all the time and I too don’t like to take the meds for reasons like yourself. I’m only 48, and this one is so loose and it isn’t the reason I had it revised. I too am down and depressed, I hope you can find a little peace knowing there is someone that knows what you are going through and feeling. I hope for a speedy recovery for us both!
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