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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Knee Replacement Journey

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My right total knee replacement surgery was conducted on 03/02/20. It went well. Was considered out patient surgery and I were to be released the next day. Physical therapy did not go well. My right leg was too numb and it kept buckling. I was told that due to the nerve blocks my leg was not fully awake! To be honest, I became very emotional. I could move my toes but I could not lift my leg! I sat in a chair and did my ankles pumps, standing in place foot lifts and prayed to God that my leg would follow the signals from my brain! The next morning I walked to the bathroom with my walker! The tears of joy on my husband’s face said it all! I’m going home today! Pain is tolerable right now! I’m motivated to use pain medications as needed! The journey is just beginning! For all of you that are thinking about having this surgery, do your homework and know what to expect and find a good support system! Please pray for my speedy recovery! Thanks!
I had in the replacement done this past Monday I kind of fell behind on my minutes the first day and it was how my body shaking numbness in my lips but Thursday out I’m doing better on the meds I am still afraid to use my knee I cannot bend it physical therapy tells me I need to move it more but come on it’s three days how can I get a little rest LOL
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