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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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I am weeks out from surgery. I have a tremendous amount of pain still, and I can' t straighten my knee. It looks very akward when I stand compared to my normal knee. I haven't had any physical therapy except for exercises emailed to me to do at home. I had my surgery at a army hospital that almost completely shut down when the coronavirus pandemic hit. I finally got to see my surgeon at six weeks and he suggested MUA to flatten my knee. I don't know what to expect and it scares me. I am able to bend my knee pretty well even though it hurts and it is stiff. I just don't want to lose any of my flexion.
I wrote that and left out the seven weeks out of surgery. Now, I am two months out of surgery. My knee straightens better. It still doesn't bend the same as the other knee. I still have a lot of pain. I can walk around the house, but not for very long.
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