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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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Bi-lateral TKR
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I am only 8 days past the surgery for my bilateral TKR. The surgery went well and I'm doing well they say, with physical therapy and pain management. But I am impatient to start this dream life that I envisioned. So far, it's mostly pain that I experience. Yet when I stand, I feel a stability that I'd not felt in many years. I chose the both-at-once option because I could not imagine going through it all twice. And the pandemic was another reason for not wanting two hospitalizations. I suppose I'm glad I did the bi-lateral, but I'm wondering whether it would have been better for the recovery to have one operated knee assisted by a non-operated one. Maybe I could walk better and more, and would recover faster. I feel like a new mother of twins, having to divide my time between the two--knees in this case. I'll keep an open mind since it's early days still. More later!
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