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I decided to have my knee replaced when..
How my life changed after knee replacement

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The mission of My Knee Guide® is to provide patients an up to date, interactive and comprehensive tool for knee replacement surgery. Sponsorship allows My Knee Guide to provide these services free of charge to its users. My Knee Guide helps to bring local health care providers and companies together with users in an effort improve their knee replacement experience. Additionally, sponsorship allows nationally based organizations to provide education and improve accessibility of their products.

We believe that connecting users with these recourses empowers them during their important decision making process. Therefore, My Knee Guide only allows sponsorship from surgeons and companies that directly service patients with knee arthritis and knee replacements.

Appropriate medical sponsorship may include the following:

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  • Joint replacement manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Home health care and therapy services
  • In-patient acute rehabilitation facilities
  • Out-patient physical therapy services
  • Certain pharmaceutical products
  • Bracing and certain medical supplies
  • National or regional organizations that promote the well being of knee replacement patients

Sponsors are provided with a custom made banner bar. This banner is displayed at the top of the My Knee Guide app and website. Sponsorship also includes the display of a dedicated full page ad. This allows the sponsor to educate the users about their services and also present their contact information. Additionally, the user can easily save the sponsor’s information within their contact list for future reference.

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